Wednesday, 29 July 2015

meme blah 2011 vs 2015

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like writing something. The last time I used this post template was on 7th October 2011. Shall we see has anything changed in 4 years?
I thought: "Mainly my thoughts consist of things to do, k-pop and blogging ideas. And if not that it would be repetitive song lyrics in my head."
I think: I'm always thinking of what to do next, I'm probably busier. Less K-Pop and blogging ideas though.
I knew: "I need to work extremely hard for my course this year. So much to do but I’M VERY EXCITED! :D"
I know: I STILL need to work hard for my course, my Masters this time. A dissertation and practical project to complete. No longer excited.
I wanted: "clothes, shoes and perhaps a new handbag. Oh, and a pair of Dr Dre Solo HDs - top of my Christmas list right now. And money. And everything."
I want: Pass my Masters successfully, and get a job by Christmas! 
I had: "16 autographs now! When I receive more I hope to make a fabulous blog post about it. Mum also told me there are three at home that I still need to open. I’m excited."
I have: About 24 autographs altogether I think! Unfortunately I don't collect them anymore.
I wished: "I had whiter teeth and a better figure."
I wish: My teeth would be permanently white but become less sensitive. 
I hated: "rude people and poor manners."
I hate: SAME.
I missed: "Jordan, but that’s understandable. I’d rather not blog about this for a while to be honest."
I miss: The old days at school and in university.
I feared: "landing in some serious debt in the future."
I fear: Not having money at all, never mind getting in debt.
I felt: "awesome most of the time. Unless I’m being quiet, that’s when you should not attempt to speak to me."
I feelEmbarrassed I wrote the above statement. 
I heard: music blaring from my iTunes. Did you know only 31% of my iTunes library is k-pop? Yes, it surprised me too.
I hear: Josh Groban playing from Spotify. Did you know only 4% of my Spotify playlist is K-pop? Doesn't surprise me at all. 
I smelt: "of “Sex and the City: KISS” which I claimed for free on my O2 surprises."
I smell: of LOLA by Mark Jacobs - my favourite perfume.
I craved: "biscuits and cereal. I swear I’ve never ate so much junk in my life since I’ve arrived here. :( Cry."
I crave: TEAAA.
I searched: "korean guys on google images."
I search: academic citations. :/ 
I wondered: "why I wasn’t able to tell Key and Onew from SHINee apart when I was learning their names??"
I wonder: why I cared so much? Haha 
regretted: "not speaking to that cute guy I saw in uni when he smiled at me. Alas, I ran away because I am shy."
I regret: Being shy for so long.
I loved: "random things, like high resolution photographs and videos, getting post and unusual jewellery."
I love: God, my family and friends, nail art and getting post.
I cared: "for Jared. Hurt him and I’ll knock your brain out."
I always: "colour-coordinate my jewellery to match my outfits."
I always: Apply lipstick.
I was not: "as intimidating as people seem to think? I am a dead on person, really. Maybe just a bit mad. Don’t judge on first impressions!"
I am not: as angry and intimidating as I once was. Emma once told me I have mellowed so let's go with that.
I believed: "in God. Although I don’t appear to talk about my faith in my posts, I firmly believe in God."
I believe: in God.
I danced: "no I don’t."
I dance: Rarely.
I sung: "along to k-pop songs. When you listen to it often enough you can sing along. They have lots of English lines too which makes it easier."
I sing: I'd say my music taste has fluctuated a lot over the years - I'd listen to pretty much anything nowadays. 

I cried: "at films. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 I cried the whole way through - my childhood ended then."
I cry: T.V can be quite emotional - I get upset watching documentaries sometimes.
I fought: "with Jared. But Jared punches like Bruce Lee and leaves me rolling on the floor in pain. (I am surprisingly weak though.)"
I fight: Honestly I never fight. I learnt from previous battles.
I wrote: "blog posts once a week."
I write: in my diary.
I won: "at racing games. Irony because I hate driving in real life."
I win: ???? 
I lost: "nothing. But when I do I get veryyyy annoyed. When packing for uni, I lost my bullet earrings... the one’s I ordered online which T.O.P also has. I was wearing them the day before and they were dropped into somewhere safe the day before. I just don’t remember where. :("
I lose: nothing! Also, I found those earrings in my glasses case a few days after I made that post. I still have them.
I never: "tell lies. I’m very bad at it and someone always catches me out or I burst out laughing."
I never: want to grow any older than the age I am now.
I confused: "myself easily over simple situations or information. I tend to hear something and look at it at a completely different perspective. Emma, James and my mother understand what I mean. “...Beauticians?”"
I confuse: some things never change...
I listened: "TO MISTER SIMPUL. Oh it’s just ended." 
I listen: Josh Groban's Anthem - the most glorious sound known to man.
I could usually be found: "in my room online or eating and watching T.V. Or boiling the kettle. Or on the trampoline."
I can usually be found: In my wee office working and drinking green tea.
I was scared: "of daddy long legs - the giant, dancing, flying spider."
I am scared: of humankind, spiders and my Macbook breaking with all my work on it.
i needed: "a nice cup of tea and another episode of Doctor Who."
I need: a lot more sleep than what I used to...zzz...
I was happy about: "that Big Bang is first in voting for the MTV EMA Worldwide Act Asia Pacific award! Hooray!!"
I am happy about: so many things! A loving home. Fantastic group of friends. Things going well in general.

- Claudia

Monday, 6 April 2015

beauty products

Hey everyone, today I think I'll try something a bit different. This post is about beauty products I cannot live without. I highly recommend these products for everyone to try out - so much so that I've actually compiled a list. Enjoy!

Nails Inc
I know so people may disagree, but brand names are very important, especially with nail varnish. Quality is key to make sure the coat won't chip, smudge or dent - moments after it has fooled you into tricking you that it has dried. I've swore by Nails Inc for five years now. This UK based brand is so good that it spoils me from using any other brands. I've lost count how many times people have complimented my nail colour and some have even asked if they are gel because they are so vibrant and shiny. Although slightly more expensive than other brands, they are totally worth the money because they last for much longer.

Good: They are probably the best nail varnish brand on the UK market, with a variety of 'Special Effects' top coats too (crackle, metallic, beading etc).
Bad: More expensive, with some at £11-£14 a bottle! Yikes! Also beware, the glittery 3D special effects are very stubborn to remove.
Claudia's Tricks: Have no fear, the bargain hunter is here. Try stores such as TK Maxx, where they sell Nails Inc gift sets really cheap after Christmas. I once purchased a set with 8 bottles for £20, all with great block colours I would use. Also try Factory Shops, where I've seen (and purchased) bottles been sold separately for £4 each. 

The Body Shop: Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
I was recently introduced to this by a friend and I can assure you all, I will never use anything else ever again to remove my make-up. Here's the trick - you scoop a small amount (a little more if you wear a lot of foundation/eyeshadow) and blend it over your face. It feels quite oily and looks a bit messy when you go over the eyes at first (the winter soldier comes to mind), but don't be alarmed. Keep going and the makeup will DISAPPEAR. The oils soak it up, and both your hands and face have no evidence of makeup ever being there. Wash your face and you're left with bright and smooth wonderful skin. It's absolutely magical!

Good: A lot more efficient than wipes, which previously left my skin cold and raw after using. A tiny bit goes a long way so it definitely lasts longer!
Bad: It doesn't take makeup off as thoroughly as a wipe would, as I found when I used my towel to dry my face afterwards that there was foundation that the butter missed. Therefore, you need a facecloth when washing it off afterwards, especially you wear heavier foundation.
Claudia's Tricks: If you're big into using The Body Shop products, they often do 3 for 2 deals for face products, both online and in-store. So I highly recommend giving this a go when you're next buying the other essentials, at least you'd save a bit when you're buying them all at once! 

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Mask 300ml
“Claudia, why is your hair so shiny” The answer is THIS!! Tresemmé is a fantastic brand whom I’ve used frequently for as long as I can remember. The Keratin Smooth range are all excellent, but I swear by the Deep Treatment mask. My hair would be quite frizzy and doesn’t sit right after washing. Since applying this mask (I use it every other hair wash) my thick hair is incredibly smooth, shiny and makes styling a whole lot easier. 

Good: The big tub lasts ages, smells nice and is the best (and most underrated) leave-in conditioner on the market. I don’t think I could live without it now.
Bad: Can cost up to £5.99 per tub but I still think it’s worth every penny because it lasts a long time.
Claudia’s Tricks: Superdrug offer great deals on their Tresemmé products so keep an eye out for them. I buy a couple of the 300ml tubs on the offer and keep well stocked up at home.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Pink 200ml
In 2008, I cut my hair into a bob - at the time I thought it was a fantastic idea, but growing it out was a complete disaster. A long 7 years later, it ceased growing, only getting thicker and thicker. I was recommended by friends to try this treatment, but I was skeptical. Miraculously though, it works. In a short 6 weeks, my hair grew from 20cm to 25cm after applying it in every wash. Now I use it every other wash (I take this treatment and the Tresemmé conditioner mask turn about now). If you need hair to grow fast, definitely try this out! It’s fantastic.

Good: IT WORKS! Fantastic stuff. Magic in a tub. Makes your hair feel and smell amazing too.
Bad: Make sure you apply this between your regular shampooing and conditioning. Strangely it left my hair really greasy otherwise.
Claudia’s Tricks: It’s expensive at £8.50 a pot, and wouldn’t be great value for money because it doesn’t last very long. I haven’t seen it on offer anywhere yet but found it was cheaper to buy online than in the shops (that’s if you can manage to find it not being sold out).

- Claudia

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

what's next?

Evening all,
I cannot sleep. I had class this evening and they were talking about dissertations and the mountains of work still left to hand in. It was all too much.
I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with my life when I eventually finish my Masters. Here is a list of things I could try at the end of September:

  • Join a baking class - I would love to learn how to make decorative cakes
  • Take up helping in Sunday School and G.B again to help out more in my church
  • Join the gym or start swimming again
  • Help out at a charity shop
  • Make a website to display my portfolio work online
  • Create more vector art - it's fun and looks good printed
  • Become more involved in the arts in my local area
  • More freelance work, if at all possible
  • Save up for a new car
  • Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator
  • Update my CV
  • Go out walking everyday and enjoy the beautiful area I live in
  • Get experience working in schools to fulfil that goal of teaching in the near future
  • Run a photoshop class locally - I’d love to do this but not quite sure how?
  • Get a job - *cries*
  • Read novels - I never have time to read so then I’ll have no excuse

What shall the future bring?

Friday, 9 January 2015


Best Moments of 2014
  • 21st Birthday - My birthday cake!!!!
  • Media, Film and Journalism formal - doing an Oscar selfie
  • I got a job!! A real job!!
  • Two concerts in a week: Panic at the Discoo and Rend Collective with Emma
  • End of Year Show
  • Comic Con in Belfast
  • Dublin
  • Graduation :) - practically perfect in every way...and James Nesbit was there!
  • NEW YORK and the glorious Caribbean cruise
  • Noelle and David’s Wedding - first school friend's wedding, potentially the first of many!
  • My home-made office shed, it’s great!
  • Starting my Masters degree Queens
  • Gregor and Sharon’s Wedding - the first family wedding like...ever.
  • Making a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve :D
Biggest Achievements:
First Class Honours with Dean’s List!! Ahhhhh (I’m still geeking out about it)

Biggest Failures:
Thankfully nothing really, except I discovered I’m definitely allergic to pure orange juice :( Fail.

Happiest Moments:
Finding out my results (I cried) and of graduation day
Taking photos in Times Square, New York
Jared singing in the school musical ‘Les Miserables’ as Javert

Saddest Moment:
My Mum’s best friend passed away at the start of the year :( It was really tough.

Biggest Shock:
Lots of different shocks throughout the year...
  • Joan Rivers death! No more Fashion Police. 
  • How I Met Your Mother finale! There are no words...
  • They cancelled Perception T_T 
  • Josh Groban and Kat Dennings - YAASSS

Best Purchase:
iPad Mini and a poncho!! 

Greatest Musical Discoveries:
Prince, Il Divo and The Avett Brothers

Best Film of the Year:

Best MV of the Year:
Greatest Discoveries of the Year:
  • My graphics tablet
  • Pinterest
  • I joined the Netflix bandwagon!
  • MBTI types (I’m an ISFJ)

Biggest Addiction:
FAR too much television...
Gossip Girl, Gogglebox, Pointless and Keeping Up With The Kardashians were the worst offenders..

Favourite Person Award:
Sebastian Stan - I’m sorry but really could there be anyone else worthy of this spot in 2014?

Thursday, 16 October 2014


So lately...

EMPLOYMENT! I’m working in a photography studio designing wedding albums and it’s awesome - weddings are fascinating. I feel a real sense of duty working on something so significant. It’s really rewarding when the couple come to collect it and are delighted with the album. So thankful for a job doing something I actually like!
I GRADUATED! First Class Honours. Three years at University of Ulster was worth it all in the end. I would do it alllll again, I loved it so much. Graduation day was probably one of my favourite days of my life. Thank you to my brilliant lecturers, tutors and wonderful classmates, I'll miss everyone so much.
NEW YORK! In July our family went to America, and it was incredible! New York is just like how it looked in the movies. We saw all the sights then went on a Caribbean cruise too! It was UNREAL, I really want to go on another cruise. Food...good. Sun...good. Best holiday ever.
WEDDING! Not me, ha, but one of my high school friends got married in August. She’s the same age as me! We are all getting so old. It was a brilliant day catching up with old friends. Congratulations to Noelle and David! 
CONTAINER! All my friends came home from their studies abroad so we had a big reunion party, in the almighty container of course. I didn’t realise how much I missed their faces until we were all together again.
QUEENS! I started a Masters in Msc Educational Multimedia at Queens University, Belfast. I’m only a few weeks in but I’m loving it already. The whole education theory is new to me (since I previously studied Media) but it’s interesting and definitely a worthwhile course. Our practical workshops focus on interactivity in design (like making apps and websites) so as you can imagine I’m super psyched for that already!


In other news...

NETFLIX! I watch far too much T.V normally but now that I’m subscribed and paying for it I feel obliged to watch even more. I heard others say about how Netflix was addictive but I didn’t believe them. I was wrong.

IPAD! I never buy myself anything expensive but Amazon had a sale on and how could I resist...sadly it increases the Netflix watching experience.

CRAPPY TV! Gossip Girl. Kardashians. Made in Chelsea. Anything on E! Devastated by the death of Joan Rivers - no more Fashion Police. :(

DIET! Lol I know I’m always dieting, but my cousin’s wedding is next week and I don’t want to feel like a whale beside my relatives.

AUTUMN! It’s getting colder and colder and I’M EXCITED FOR WINTER.

CAPTAIN AMERICCAAA! My enthusiasm for The Winter Soldier intensified after I watched it TWICE on the plane going to America. Then it escalated again when I showed it to Emboot...whoops. *cough* Sebastian Stan *cough*


GROBAN! Josh is dating KAT DENNINGS!! Two of my favourite celebrities are dating EACH OTHER. I cannot cope.

BOOKS! I’m terrible and don’t read, so I made it my new month’s resolution in August to read more books! And since I have eBooks on my iPad I don’t have an excuse. I’m still on my first one though I’m a really slow reader. (Cure for the Common Life, Max Lucado - it’s great).

yoooooooo I’m sorry if you read all that crap but another resolution is to try and blog at least once a month...stay tuned kidos.

- Claudia XOXO (Gossip Girl)